Friday, 10 January 2014

Handmade Bling Swirls. Step By Step.

Hey Hey

I have been watching Youtube for a few ideas to further my crafting.  I have found a few money saving tips also so I would like to share them.  

The First is bling swirls you need a glue gun,Heat Proof Mat, heat gun and flat back bling gems or pearls or dew drops.

  • on a heat proof mat dispense the hot glue in a swirl pattern
  • when the desired pattern is achieved then get your bling, heat up the now cooled glue in parts and stick on your gems.
  • They will stick to the reheated glue, then let that cool down 
  • when cool carefully peel off the gen swirl.  
  • when you need to use it then place the swirl on your project them put the heat gun over it to reactivate the glue and then your swirl should be glued to that surface. 
I hope that you will have a go at this. Here are what mine looked like

have a go and Keeeeeeeeeep Crafting xx

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