Welcome to PoppyKCrafts

 Good morning to you all.  I am very excited to be bringing a new blog to my PoppyKCrafts empire!! I will be posting all of my makes on here and  maybe throwing in a give away or two.  I will also be loading free pintables to work with.

I have an eclectic range of crafts from jewellery making to mixed media and altering old pieces into new useable items. I film videos every week and do a live on Tuesdays called Tinker Tuesday at 7pm GMT.  This is where I 'tinker' with all things crafty and see what happens. I would love for you to come and join me. 

Here are a few examples of my work.

I am very excited about launching a monthly challenge as well but that is all to come very soon.  Please share and tell your friends and pop on over and check out my YouTube channel PoppyKCrafts .

Thank you so much and stay safe. xx